Sunday, October 14, 2007


Eating fat makes you fat ( and also gives you heart disease ) , but , how about sugars . Many people do not realize is that even eating excess sugar can make you fat. Here's how.
Sugar is a prime energy source for the body. Sugar molecules are constantly traveling to each cell to provide energy. Within each cell is a tiny furnace, called the mitochondria. The sugar or glucose molecules enter the furnace and are burned as energy for the cell. This energy- conversion process creates carbon molecules that are building blocks for both cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. When you eat more sugar than your body needs for energy, excess carbon molecules are produced. If carbon is produced faster than it can be converted by the body into carbon dioxide, water, and energy, the excess saturated fatty acids and cholesterol are then deposited as fat or carried in the bloodstream as cholesterol. The body does this because the excess carbon molecules would otherwise be toxic to its metabolic processes.

However, while the body can turn excess sugar into fat, it can't turn fat back into sugars. It must burn off the excess fat as fuel through exercise.

Another side to the sugar-becoming-fat story is the survival mechanism of the body operates on the feast or famine principle. When you feast on excess high-carbohydrate foods, the body stores these excess calories as fat as a way of storing energy in case of famine.

Myth - low fat is healthier for your heart and reduces your weight . TRUE . But , Overeating any food , whether it’s fats or carbohydrates , will put fat on the body . “ Low – fat “ snacks and fast foods tend to be loaded with carbohydrates and junk sugars . Without the fat to fill up on , it’s easier to overdose on carbohydrates. If you eat more carbohydrate than the body can burn , the excess carbohydrate will not only be deposited as fat , but also raise the level of triglycerides in the bloodstream , which in itself increases the risk of heart disease and stroke .

A low – fat diet can lead to a lean body only if it’s part of an overall low – calorie diet .

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Darrell Combs said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I needed this info. I read an article in JET magazine several years ago that said basically the same thing. I'm a sugar addict and have gained several pounds because of it. I'm armed with knowledge now. Thanks again.